divine encounters


Welcome to Divine Encounters With the Trinity.

Please join me as I share experiences I have enjoyed with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As a child of God, growing closer to them in intimacy, and learning that they want to build relationship with all their children.

Getting to know who the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are and who They want to be in my life has been full of exciting lessons and experiences. In the pages of this blog, readers will learn who They want to be in their lives too.

THEY want to build intimacy and relationship in the lives of ALL the children of God.

Sometimes we dream of things or we have visions that just seem too good to be true or imaginary, but in fact they are more true and more real than our waking lives are. For example, a few weeks ago a wonderful beautiful daughter of God, and sister in Christ, shared a vision. It was a wonderful vision, about riding side by side with Jesus across a lush and beautiful field/meadow. She described the horse she was riding as well as the horse Jesus was riding. She was even able to describe the feeling of flying as she and Jesus rode.

Now, I knew, this was much more than a simple albeit beautiful vision. It was an actual bona fide visitation, with Jesus, in Heaven. When we discussed this vision and I shared with her the fact of knowing it was not a vision at all. It was much, much more, she was shocked and blown away, when I told her it was a real live visit and spiritual experience of her spending time with Jesus. I do not know if she was able to get confirmation as to whether or not it was more than a vision, but I do know she is growing in God and she will be going far with Daddy, Jesus and Holy Spirit at her side.


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